The articles below were originally published in various journals. Most of this information has been greatly expanded in my two texts. No part of these articles may be quoted or reproduced without a full citation. Many of the following documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader (Download Now).

Chinese Medicine + Psychology

Chinese Medicine and Psychoanalysis Parts I & II

Part I is on Repression and the Diaphragm. Part II is on The Metal Element and the Anal Personality Type.

Chinese Medicine and the Betrayal of Intimacy: The Theory and Treatment of Abuse, Incest, Rape and Divorce with Acupuncture and Herbs: Parts I, II, & III.

Much of the information here is greatly refined and elaborated in my two texts as are parts II and III of this article. Freedom from one’s history is always a choice available now for each human being. Freedom implies accepting full responsibility for the consequences of everything we have done and for the consequences of everything that has happened to us. Having been victimized does not mean that one is a victim now-that is always a matter of choice. The electronic version of this article may be distributed freely, without changes, as long as it contains this full citation.

Five Element Tradition

The Use of Exit and Entry Points in Traditional Acuupuncture

This work is greatly expanded in my Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine text book.

The Law of Husband Wife

Here is my original article from the AM. J. Ac in 1994 of the law of Husband/Wife. It’s the basis of CH 7 in Nourishing Destiny.

Reinventing The Wheel: A Top Down Perspective on The Five Elements: Parts I & II

These articles are two in a series abstracted from my text in progress on spiritual, integral, and evolutionary perspectives on medicine.

The Fire Element Through Heaven’s Eyes

In this article Lonny considers the Fire Element and some of its associations – love, sex and comparrions – from the absolute perspective of consciousness itself. 

Embracing the Absolute: Spleen-21 and Heart-1

This article points toward the current evolution of my perspective since publishing Clinical Practice 5 years ago. Please read it and give some time to contemplating what I’m pointing to.


The Primacy of Spirit

In the Fall of 2005 I gave the keynote address to the British Acupuncture Societies annual meeting. It created quite a stir and I wrote this in response to Peter Deadman’s follow up article asserting that Chinese medicine cannot treat the mind or spirit.

British Acupuncture Society Journal 2005

The Awakening of Choice

“The only true medicine is consciousness awakening to its self. What a surprise when we discover that what is seeking is what’s being sought for.” 

California Journal of Oriental Medicine Volume 18, No. 1, Spring/Summer 2007


Here I examine new age superstition in relationship to typing systems. I examine the notion of being a victim of one’s “type.”

Nacrissism: A Postmodern Epidemic

Narcissism is of such epidemic proportions that it was actually considered for eliminations as a diagnostic category in the DSM V. Simply put, narcissims is having a pathological focus on one’s own self. “Pathological” in this case means that it is causing unnecessary suffering to one’s self and to others.

Integral Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine in the 21st Century, Integral and Evolutionary Perspectives.

It is clear that the times in which we live, the challenges that we face, and the cultural context in which medicine is practiced differ substantially compared to when Chinese medicine was originally formulated.

Catalyzing Emergence: Integral Chinese Medicine Parts I, II & III

Here are the three installments in a series of three articles I’m publishing in the Journal of the American Society of Acupuncturists Meridians. The series is abstracted from the current book I’m writing: “Deepening Perspectives on Chinese Medicine.” Integral Theory expands Chinese medicine and offers us a meta-context for understanding its history, evolution, and import.

The Holographic Paradigm and Acupuncture

This article discusses the similarity between holographic theory and the inductive synthetic model that lies at the heart of traditional Chinese medicine. It was first published in The Journal of Traditional Acupuncture (1985). This article represents my introduction of Ken Wilber’s work on Integral Theory and its import for medicine.

2006 Interview with Lonny Jarrett covering Chinese Medicine, Evolutionary Theory, and Spiral Dynamics. 

Here I discuss evolutionary perspectives on Chinese medicine.

Classical Chinese Medicine

The Returned Spirit of Chinese Medicine

All this material is greatly expanded in my book, Nourishing Destiny: The Inner Tradition of Chinese Medicine.

Myth and Meaning in Chinese Medicine

This is the first article where I began to elaborate Chinese myth (Shenhua 神話, “Spirit talk) as an adequate language of the subtle realm for describing acupuncture point function. In a future article I will expand this from a psychoanalytic perspective using Erich Neumann’s work as a template.

Catalysing Emergence: Zheng Qi and The Authentic Self

Here is a recent article from the European Journal of Oriental Medicine on Zhengqi that is abstracted from the new text I’m writing. Look for some major articles soon.

Chinese Medicine Education and Politics

The Future of Chinese Medicine: It’s In Our Hands

This article appeared in the new California Journal of Oriental Medicine. It’s an excellent journal and worth subscribing to. I publish there regularly.

Chinese Medicine in America Today: The Turning Point, Part I

By Lonny Jarrett and Z’ev Rosenberg

Here, Lonny Jarrett and Z’ev Rosenberg consider the direction that the profession of Chinese medicine is taking with its emphasis on “integrative” and “evidenced based” medicine (EBM). We elaborate the likely consequences and make suggestions for a more integrous outcome.