Shadow Resolution in Chinese Medicine:
12 Session, Streaming and Self Study

The 七 情 qi qing/seven emotions of humanity originate from attraction and aversion; if there is excessive inclination towards one of them there is imbalance, the prevailing of one and defeat of the other;
神 shen and 志 zhi easily end up in disorder. If 神 shen and 志 zhi are imbalanced evils establish themselves as a result, and 鬼 gui/ghosts are generated in the heart. Therefore one who has aversion inside sees
aversion, he who has envy sees envy, he who has suspicion will see suspicion. He who has trepidation will see trepidation, and this not only in illnesses, but in dreams. This means if 志 zhi has aversion for
something it thinks is on the outside, qi and blood are disordered internally, and it is as though there were spirits and ghosts.” Zhang Jing-yue (1563–1640)

We may understand repression as resistance to wholesome integrative change. The consequences of denial are written as symptom in both flesh and function. Shadow as stasis in early developmental stages impedes the healthy consolidation of later stages of development.

In this Online class we will examine the dynamics of repression as they manifest in multiple forms of shadow in the terms of Chinese physiology. We will focus on identifying shadow and its resolution through the
therapeutic relationship, herbal medicine, and acupuncture. Shadow will be differentiated according to the Five-Elements and their related pathogens.

The class is divided into 12 sessions three weeks apart. Each session will involve watching a video teaching, studying detailed notes I provide, reading, and most of all contemplating the principles in your own experience. Each lesson will conclude with a two hour conference call during which Lonny will take questions and elaborate the course content.

We will take a deep dive into the subtle realms of Chinese medicine and this course should be quite developmental for those who engage with it.


1. To identify shadow and discern the difference between introjects, projects, and split-ego states.

2. The dynamics and physiology of repression in terms of the diaphragm, pathogens, and the Five-Elements

3. How to resolve Shadow through the Therapeutic relationship, herbs, and acupuncture.

4. Locating shadow in the body by developmental stage and accessing it with Chong, Ren, and Du.

5. How to work with resistance.

6. Chinese medicine as an Integral art and science of human development.

7. How to address the subtle aspects of stagnation in patients through your own experience of shadow resolution.

8. The dynamics of stage development: Resolving allergies and addictions for the sake of healthy stage consolidation.

Dates and Curriculum


Wed: 9/18/24

I. Dimensions of the Self

Wed: 10/9/24

II. Understanding The Forces at Work

Wed: 10/30/24

III. Miasm: The Existential Knot & Meaning Making

Tuesday 11/19/24*

IV. State and Stage Development: Waking up and Growing up

Wed 12/11/24 

V. Differentiating Shadow
Thurs 1/2/25*

VI. Introjects: Physiology, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Tues 1/28/25*

VII.  Projection: Physiology, Diagnosis and Treatment

Wed 3/5/25

VIII. Split Ego States: Physiology, Diagnosis and Treatment

Wed 3/26/25

IX. The Five-Elements and Shadow

Wed 4/16/25

X. Treatment

Wed 5/7/25

XI. The Therapeutic Relationship

Wed 5/28/25

XII. Class Review

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