Spirit Of The Herbs: Streaming

March 16th & 17th 2024 | 9am-5pm ET

This class will entail a deep dive into the inner nature of Chinese herbal formulas. It will
change the way you think about herbs and herb formulas as we consider the faces of their gross, subtle, and spirit level functioning. Herb formulas will be discussed as archetypes that embrace the full realm of human expression. I will consider how early trauma can impact the healthy consolidation of later developmental stages.

I will examine the diaphragm as the demarcation between consciousness and unconscious and the importance of opening it early in treatment in order to create a stable foundation for health.

I will reconstruct the Sheng cycle looking at herbs and herb formulas from the perspective of “element in element” to construct a subtly based Five-element, constitutional herbalism. This class will entail a deep dive into the psychophysiology of each formula and the pathogens and syndromes that it addresses. Pulse and tongue will be taken into account. Acupuncture point equivalents will be considered for many of the formulas.

This will be a marvelous and thoroughly engaging class and I hope you will join me.3Topics will include:

I. Clearing Shock: Treating Trauma
II. Exercise addiction and physiology
III. Five-Element constitutional formulas: Element in Element
IV. Moving Blood: Memory Repression, Shadow
V. Differentiating Bladder Infections
VI. Possession & Treating Lyme/Gu
VII. Cold in the Channels: Ginger Baths
VIII. Formulas for the Breast, Chest, Neck
IX. Weiqi and Cutting
X. Eating disorders

Cost: Early Birds (through 2.29.2024) save $50!

Practitioner:  $475   Early Bird $425
Student:         $425   Early Bird  $375

Approved For: 14 California, Category I, CEU
CA provider #774. 

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Refund Policy
Course fee less 20% administrative charge is refundable if written notice is received two weeks prior to the program date. No refunds will be made after that date.

We reserve the right to reject any registration for any or no reason as long as it is not an unlawful reason.