Teaching Calendar

Shadow Resolution in Chinese Medicine

CLASS DATES  9/18/24 – 5/28/25 | 7:30-9:30 ET
In this Online class we will examine the dynamics of repression as they manifest in multiple forms of shadow in the terms of Chinese physiology. We will focus on identifying shadow and its resolution through the
therapeutic relationship, herbal medicine, and acupuncture. Shadow will be differentiated according to the Five-Elements and their related pathogens.

The class is divided into 12 sessions three weeks apart. Each session will involve watching a video teaching, studying detailed notes I provide, reading, and most of all contemplating the principles in your own experience.

Clinical Integration 2023 [Live Stream + In-Person]

FALL 2023-SPRING 2025
The course emphasizes Five-element constitutional diagnosis and a depth view of Chinese physiology all from an integral and developmental perspective. I will cover all pulse patterns involving the relationship of the two sides of the pulse, stability, the three heaters, the three depths, and individual pulse qualities.

Spirit of the Herbs

March 16 & 17 2024 | 9am-5pm ET | LIVE STREAM SEMINAR

This class will entail a deep dive into the inner nature of Chinese herbal formulas. It will
change the way you think about herbs and herb formulas as we consider the faces of their gross, subtle, and spirit level functioning. Herb formulas will be discussed as archetypes that embrace the full realm of human expression. I will consider how early trauma can impact the healthy consolidation of later developmental stages.

My long association with Lonny Jarrett over the course of many years has afforded me some of the most satisfying discussions concerning Chinese medicine that I have had with anyone. I am grateful for his writing and teaching his thoughts to the world, especially those about “becoming” that he describes as an act rather than solely as a “process.” Lonny Jarrett is fashioning a brilliant paradigm built around an awareness of one’s freedom to choose (for what is higher) instantly through the intention to virtue. Lonny’s overarching dedication to improving the human condition was recognizable from our early conversations and seems from the outside to have been part of a “process” reaching the form as expressed so eloquently in this volume.
Leon Hammer, MD
Lonny Jarrett's class changed the way I practice medicine. The class was so inspirational and life-changing that I took it twice. Lonny brings a depth to the medicine no matter what style of acupuncture we use (I practice French Energetics), and I am forever grateful to him. His teachings opened my heart and my mind. We travelled from Georgia and even though it is not close, the class was worth every effort we made. There is ongoing cultivation of depth and care through conversations on Lonny's website, nourishingdestiny.com. I highly recommend his two year course.
Anna Kelly, MD, LAc.
If you have any spark or desire to take this class, find a way to make it happen. The time and money I've spent have been repaid a hundred times over in my confidence and cultivation as a practitioner and in my connection to a deep source of inspiration for practicing this medicine. Every weekend has been a transformational learning experience. Studying with Lonny has been the best decision I've made since deciding to go to acupuncture school! When I signed up, I had just moved to a new city and was seeing very few patients a week. But I made the leap, and I have no doubt it's been a big part of why I now have a thriving practice as I'm approaching our last weekend.
Deb Hardin, LAc.